What is Yeast Intolerance and Its Effects to the Body?

Most people are already aware of lactose intolerance. But, did you know that there is an intolerance that may not be that popular, yet very common amongst individuals? This condition is called as yeast intolerance. Every individual has natural yeast inside his or her body that helps in the digestion process. This yeast is known as candida. Yeast intolerance happens when the body produces more than the usual amount of candida. Candida is known to be a group of fungi that thrives in the moist parts or areas of an individual’s body. Often, it is present in the mouth, intestines and vagina.

At normal amount, candida is harmless. The beneficial bacteria inside a person’s body are responsible in keeping candida under control. But, when it starts to grow beyond normal amount, it also starts to cause a person to feel some unwanted conditions. When there is an overgrowth of candida, it is already known as candidiasis. According to research, individuals who suffer from candidiasis in the stomach will feel symptoms such as abdominal pains, irregular bowel movement, and itching. There is also soreness in the affected area of the body.

One possible cause of yeast intolerance and candidiasis is too much eating of foods that are rich in yeast and sugar. It is known that yeast is a form of fungus, and fungi feeds on sugar in order to live. This is one ground that people who usually suffer from candidiasis are those who eat bread, sweet foods, and biscuits more than the usual. Aside from those types of foods, fungi also thrive on fermented foods such as alcoholic beverages, cheese, and yogurts. Basically, people who have stronger immune system can keep this fungus under control. But, when the immune system is weakened by certain illnesses and diseases, this fungus also tends to grow.

Commonly, when people get sick or ill, they have the tendencies to take antibiotics. This act helps the fungus to grow at a quicker pace. As you know, helpful bacteria inside the body of a person are being killed by antibiotics. That is why they are called antibiotics because they are anti-life. Aside from lowered immune system, other possible causes of yeast intolerance and candidiasis are poor nutrition, hormonal imbalance, and stress. The possible signs of having yeast intolerance or candidiasis are cravings for foods and beverages containing yeast or sugar. Other symptoms may also include bloating, headaches, diarrhea, dizziness, mouth ulcers, and many more.

One solution to this problem is to observe eating foods and drinking beverages without having yeast contents. These days, there are already lots of foods and drinks that are suitable for those who are onto candidiasis diet. Commonly, this diet is known as yeast free diet. As the name suggests, they are foods and drinks that has no yeast or sugar contents. Anything that can help yeast to grow is being eliminated in this kind of diet. There are also anti-candida drugs being sold at pharmacies and drug stores. An example of this is nystatin.

Play Safe With Your Online Drug Purchase

Rocketing prices of prescription drugs have compelled the US citizens to look for cheaper alternatives. Thanks to online Canadian pharmacies that have provided Americans with an easier and better solution! Canadian pharmacies do not compromise on the quality of drugs in spite of their reduced prices. This is one of the principle reasons for its overgrowing demand in recent years. However, there have been some disconcerting reports, which have raised eyebrows about the authenticity of certain drugs labeled under Canadian pharmacies. Americans now have a two-fold task on their hands- approach the right Canadian pharmacy, and demand an assurance of the quality of the drugs offered.

There have been few cases where drugs purchased by Canadian pharmacies have turned out to be fake ones. In August 2005, an operation conducted by the FDA found several prescription drugs sent from India, Costa Rica (supposedly to be imported from Canada). 85 percent of the drugs, which claimed to be from Canada, actually were manufactured in 27 different countries. Such cases have raised concern about the risks associated with unsafe drugs. It’s very important for the people to be enlightened about such issues and take complete precaution prior to making such purchases online.

The first step towards making your choice is to approach a licensed online Canadian pharmacy that has high standards of safety and consumer service. Canadian pharmacy experts suggest some of the best possible ways for choosing the some of the best online pharmacies:

1) A good Canadian pharmacy should provide its license number on its website along with the name of the Canadian regulatory agency as an evidence of its authenticity.

2) An authentic Canadian pharmacy should display its seals of approval by organizations (such as CIPA or IMPAC) that set the standards of safety and service among Canadian mail-order pharmacies that sell to Americans.

3) Reputable Canadian pharmacies always ask for your doctor’s prescription before supplying your order. In case you fax your prescription, your doctor is required to confirm it over the phone. If this is not fulfilled, then the pharmacy waits until your original prescription arrives.

4) It is essential for you to submit your medical history and go through the transaction policies prior to the purchase of drugs from a recognized online Canadian pharmacy.

5) A good Canadian pharmacy requires you to consume its drug for at least a month to confirm that the medication suits you. Once confirmed, your medication is mailed immediately.

6) Reputed Canadian pharmacies always display their full mailing address and phone numbers on their websites for any consultation with the pharmacists, emergency or otherwise.

7) Trusted Canadian pharmacies explain the difference between American and Canadian pharmacies and also provide the reason for the unavailability of certain drugs.

8) Normally, the drugs sent by a good Canadian pharmacy are contained in the original manufacturer’s container. However, drugs may be mailed in ordinary bottles if the quantity of pills in the manufacturer’s container exceeds a 90-day supply.

9) Authentic Canada pharmacy drug is supplied with appropriate labels that include its strength, dosing directions, expiration date, appropriate warnings and a Drug Identification Number (DIN) that shows the drug has been approved by the Canadian government health authorities.

10) Besides, good Canada pharmacies offer secure (encrypted) online payment for credit cards, alternative options for payment (such as electronic fund transfers and regular checks) and do not charge any separate fees except for shipping. The customer is charged only when the mail order has been placed first. In case of unsuccessful delivery of the mail order, the entire amount is refunded by pharmacy.

So make your online drug purchase keeping the above points in mind. The market of online Canadian pharmacy is great and it needs proper discretion on part of the customers to make the right choice. A little caution can go a great way to treating you of ill health as well as keeping you safe from unnecessary hassles.

The Differences Between Drug Addiction and Drug Dependence

When many people hear the terms drug addiction and drug dependence, they automatically assume the meaning is the same. The American Society of Addiction Medicine confirms that these two terms are not the same. In fact, in a clinical environment, not understanding the differences in these two terms can be detrimental to effectively treating substance abuse.

Drug addiction is characterized by a behavior disorder where a person’s primary motivation is using their drug of choice. All the addict thinks about is getting his hands on and taking the drug. Drug addiction also involves biological changes that directly affect the brain. Drug addiction can have devastating consequences in a person’s life. The obsession for drugs can lead to loss of a job, relationships, and legal troubles. Common signs of addiction may include:

* Drug seeking (trying to get the drug through illegal means like going to multiple pharmacies.
* Craving
* Obsession with getting the drug
* Non-conventional usage (using the drug for pleasure or to become intoxicated)
* Problems functioning with a normal routine (becoming less productive, missing appointments)
* Legal problems
* Relationship problems

Detoxification can help put an end to the physical need, but the psychological hold of a drug is one reason an addict is never actually “cured.” Maintaining sobriety is a challenging, ongoing process.

Drug dependence refers to a situation where a person becomes physiologically dependent on a drug and must take it in order to function normally. If they are unable to take the drug for a period of time, the person goes through what is commonly known as withdrawal symptoms signaling dependence. They include:

* Sweating
* Chills
* Aches
* Vomiting
* Diarrhea

Drug dependence can also become the cause of certain psychological problems. Anxiety, trouble concentrating, depression can also be symptoms of drug dependence.
It is possible for a drug to produce symptoms of drug dependence without addiction. Examples of this include steroids, medications for depression, blood pressure medication and antihistamines. You may experience withdrawal reactions when you stop taking them, but you won’t have an overpowering need to continue taking the drug. Likewise some individuals are more likely to become addicted to drugs than others based on biological and psychological factors as well as social influences.

Different drugs produce different physical effects, but the symptoms of addiction are the same. Drug addiction is a complex problem that requires proper treatment, support and the right tools to help you regain control and enjoy a happier, sober life.